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The Good Burp

There was a time, long long ago, where you were allowed to burp. In fact, if you didn't burp you were made to burp. And then when you did burp, people praised you. Try this now and people look at you very differently.

However, for babies it is important to burp and in this blog I am going to explain to you why and how can you help your baby to burp.

Why burp?

When you feed your baby they swallow air bubbles. This happens with both breastfed and bottle-fed babies (breastfed babies however tend to swallow less air). These air bubbles can become trapped wind as young infants have an immature digestive system and are unable to cope with expelling trapped wind. Trapped wind can cause pain and discomfort for your baby.

Therefore it is important to burp your baby.

However, this is sometimes easier said then done. Every baby will burp at a different time during the feed. Some babies need burping during the feed and some after the feed. So make sure you look at your baby's cues while feeding to find out when best to burp your baby. Now the trickier part comes when your baby doesn't burp at all. Because that is when the wind can travel to the bowel and becomes trapped wind. So what can you do when your baby doesn't burp?

How to burp?

There are a couple of trips and tricks to try out, some you might know and some might be new to you.

The most common one is the rub your baby on the back - burp.

When sitting on your lap one arm is supporting the body. The palm of your hand is supporting the chest and your fingers are gently supporting the chin. With your other hand you rub your baby's back. Also make sure your baby is slightly leaning forward. Then there is the pat your baby on the back – burp. The trick is to make sure that your hand is slightly cupped and that you aim between the shoulder blades(see imagine 1). This can also be done over the shoulder or on your lap.

You can also try the lay your baby on your lap – burp. Where you lay your baby over your lap (see imagine 2) while gently patting or rubbing their back. In this position you have to make sure that you support the head and that the head is slightly higher than the body

Or the sea-saw – burp. Have your baby sitting on your lap (see imagine 3) and gently sway the top half of your baby backward and forward. Last but not least the circle – burp. Again, have your baby sitting on your lap (see imagine 3) and gently circle the top half of your baby.

However, sometimes is seems impossible to get your baby to burp. This can mostly be explained with 2 simple reasons:

1. He/she just can’t get a burp out or

2. He/she just doesn’t have to burp.

If your baby doesn't burp make sure to keep him/her upright for as long as possible as this aids digestion. You might also want to massage your baby's tummy when your baby hasn't burped. Massage helps to tone the digestive tract, expel wind from the body and break down large air bubbles, making them easier for your baby to pass. By massaging your baby’s tummy you are physically able to support your baby’s digestive system. Massage can also help to ease constipation too.

If your baby seems to have cramps, try walking fingers.Gently, walk your fingers in a smooth motion over your baby's belly to break down wind bubbles.

Don't forget to comment below if there are any other ways how you get/got your baby to burp. Happy winding!


Daphne x

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