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Love and Nurture in 2019

Happy New Year!!

If 2018 wasn't exciting enough for Love and Nurture, 2019 is only going to get better.

So let's quickly re-cap some of the things that happened in 2018.

  • Love and Nurture was born.

  • I started teaching Baby Massage AND Baby Yoga.

  • I have had the honour of teaching lots of private NCT and Bump and Baby mums.

  • I started (and still continuing) studying children yoga, to expand my classes and knowledge.

  • I have started blogging about child-development.

  • I was on live radio.

  • And much more!

With Love and Nurture I am constantly thinking of ways how I can help new parents and their babies. I read lots of books about parenting and child-development and I am continuously doing courses to expend my knowledge.

In 2018, I have been working hard behind the scenes, only to make 2019 even better! So what can you expect from Love and Nurture in 2019?

  • More Baby Massage Classes

  • More Baby Yoga Classes

  • Toddler Story yoga classes

  • Walkers and Crawlers classes (for the, not baby not yet toddler, kids)

  • Teething Workshops

  • Colic Workshops

  • Dad and Baby Massage and Yoga Workshops

  • New Teaching venues

  • Exciting collaborations and partners

  • And more!

So be prepared in 2019 because it is going to be a great year!

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