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How do I include Baby Massage in my busy baby schedule?

Baby Massage is a great activity to share with your baby (and older children) and has lots of different benefits for both you and your baby. I will share more about the benefits of Baby Massage in another blog.

Having a newborn baby is the most wonderful thing in the world, but it can also be the hardest thing in the world and your schedule can quickly fill up. You might have other children to look after or going back to work. Besides that the shopping, washing, cooking and cleaning has to be done as well. So how do you then also fit in Baby Massage?

Let me share a couple of ways on to incorporate Baby Massage into your daily routine.

1. After you have given your little one a bath, a relaxing massage can help settle your baby and give you two some quality time.

2. In the morning when you and your baby are getting ready a short but sweet (5 minutes) tummy massage might help to start off your baby's digestive system.

3. If you have other children; include them in the massage. Take turns in massage your baby and their older sibling.

4. Let your older child help to massage their little brother or sister.

5. When you learn Baby Massage you will also learn some basic reflexology . You can easily massage your baby's feet when you are feeding your baby.

6. Make it a weekly, fortnightly or even monthly event with your friends and their babies. This way your baby can get a massage while you are surrounded with friends and your baby gets to make new friends.

7. Sing songs while massaging this way you can make the massage a stimulating playtime activity.

8. But most importantly do it when you have time and when it suits you and your baby. Don't feel pressured as something you have to do. See it as an opportunity to bond with your baby. Whatever time of the day and however long.

Did you know that Baby Massage only has to take between 5-10 minutes a day?

Make sure to only include Baby Massage when you have time and both you and your baby are in the mood. Don't feel forced to do this every day as life can get in the way sometimes!



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